Who the f*ck is Andrew Brady anyway?

I am. I like to think I am a normal guy (well as far as normal can be). If you’re reading this then you clearly have nothing better to do with your day (poor you) but if you’ve come this far than why not go a little further.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am the guy from series 13 of The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Before then I was a ‘normal’ guy working as an Aerospace Engineer and living in naivety and I was happily sheltered from the world of tabloids and ‘fame’.

Earlier this year I left the UK behind to pursue a ‘normal life’ in Australia. I am now travelling and working around Australia for the foreseeable future or until they kick me out for over staying my visa.

The blogs I write are just the ramblings of a normal guy who got caught up in the life of the one percent. They might be stories from my past, momentous or memorable happenings or just a general ‘f*ck you’ to someone or something. Some topics I’m likely to cover are the highs and lows of fame, the expectation vs the reality of life, the pursuit of happiness and belonging, my past loves, single life, travelling , working and some honest and embarrassing stuff along the way. These blogs are my own opinions about my own life experiences or subjects I have a strong opinion on. If you agree or disagree then that’s good. It means you also have an opinion on the subject and I respect that.

I hope you enjoy reading them and if you feel the need to send me feedback or a response than I will try to reply to as many as possible.

Much love,

AB x

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